Powerful Computer

Viruses & Malware can be one of the scariest things to have on your computer.  They can steal your information and track your information to compromise your bank accounts and even your identity.  Our team uses top of the line virus removal software to remove any viruses and malware on your system and set up preventative measures to stop any new attacks.  We also train our clients on detecting these malicious programs and give you the tools to stop them in their tracks.  We also offer backup solutions to ensure your data is safe even if your computer gets compromised.  Having a strong backup system in place prevents catastrophic lost of your most valuable digital information.

Data Recovery

We utilize professional tools to recover lost information and recover data from damaged computers


Stop data loss in it's tracks with our Back-Up Set-Up service.  Includes an external hard drive!

Virus Removal

We remove the infection from your computer and install protection to prevent new issues.